Associate Professor Dr Ida Fatimawati bt Dr Adi Badiozaman (cum Chairperson)

Associate Professor Ida Fatimawati Adi Badiozaman heads the School of Design and Arts in Swinburne Sarawak. A multidisciplinary researcher who is driven by issues of equity and accessibility in education, she has been involved in collaborative research projects with relevant ministries and government agencies for quality assurance, student engagement and in-service professional development of English teachers in Sarawak, as well as on research projects and collaborations in empowering female academics in higher education. Associate Prof Ida is also part of the team for the “Building Connections for Enterprising Women” project, a project that won the Vice Chancellor’s Research Impact Award, received Highly Commended Mention for the Vice-Chancellor’s Research Excellence Award 2018 and ranked First Place for the Swinburne Research Impact Award 2019. The project also led to a dedicated session on “Breaking Barriers: Women Entrepreneur in ASEAN” at the 2018 World Economic Forum’s ASEAN

Assoc. Prof Dr Mohamad Hariri Abdullah

Assoc. Prof Dr Mohamad Hariri Abdullah is the Director of the Malaysian Design Council. The Malaysian Design Council (MRM) was established in 1993 to pave a future of innovation and design for Malaysia. It spearheads design programmes in the country to boost the industry’s design expertise, capabilities and standards. A non-profit agency, MRM is under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. It is regarded as a think tank and advisor to evolve innovative designs among Malaysians, and to ensure that we are on par with international standards. For the past 10 years, MRM has strived to promote the effective use of design and thinking in business, education and government. To date, it continues its efforts to elevate designing methods and to catapult the creativity among manufacturers. With the guidance and recommendations from MRM, Malaysian companies are now able to move ahead and forge a greater bond with their consumers through their increased expertise in creating eye-catching products.

Dr Zara Lasater from Good Shepherd Finance

Dr Zara Lasater is Head of Program Design and Advisory Services, a research/consultancy team within Good Shepherd Microfinance, focusing on building financial inclusion through co-design, strategic research and capability building. Since joining GSM in 2018, she has been responsible for managing the team, business development and delivering projects including the Building Connections for Enterprising Women project delivered in partnership
with Swinburne University. Zara is a specialist in qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation with nineteen years of experience in initiating, leading, and managing multiple projects across all levels of government in Australia and within the not-for-profit sector at peak body and agency levels. She also brings knowledge and skills in community and stakeholder engagement and community development having worked as a community planner and engagement expert in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Zara holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne (2012) and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Hawaii (1997).

Dr Zaidi Bin Razak

Dr. Zaidi Bin Razak had significantly contributes toward the development and
implementation of the State Intellectual Property Initiative currently embarked by the Sarawak State Government. Since his appointment as the General Manager of SMA, Dr. Zaidi Bin Razak had overseeing and assisted on the following: –

1. Registration of the 87 State Social Innovation under the copyright protection;
2. Development and Implementation of Sara Peg Patent commercialization
3. Development of Bario Rice Commercialization and Licensing Framework;
4. Development of Certification Programme for Ikan Empurau Geographical
5. Development of Reward Framework for the State Inventors;
6. Introduced KIK Digital Award to foster Digital based Social Innovation by the
7. Foster smart collaboration with the State G.I based entrepreneurs to increase
the State G.I product marketability and visibility around the globe.

On top of the above, Dr. Zaidi Bin Razak is currently overseeing various
activities and/or programme related to the implementation of the State IP Initiatives to ensure such initiative effectively compliment and fortified the State Digital Economy Initiatives.